Third and Fourth

It had to have been when I least expected it,

Right at the time when maybe it wasn't what I needed.

But I wanted it,

And I guess it's all that mattered...

A random question during the day

Turns into trivium, suspicion, and manhunt at night.

When he first held me like that,

I knew it was going to grow.

That one hug and a kiss on the cheek wasn't all he wanted.

The cold night turned into something that spelled "more than just friends."

Night kept me wondering

And day kept me anxious.

He arrived and I felt like the night had disappeared.

Had I fallen for him for no reason?


The second he hugged me in my house

All was able,

All was welcome.

The dark horrific theater couldn't have been better.

Warm hands hugged,

Rough fingers caressed,

A nuzzle against my cheek

And he was hooked.

The credits rolled

The actors left stage

The lights woke up

And we rested.

He looked deep into me--

When I asked why

He asked "why not?"

Then it happened.

For the one time I thought it couldn't be someone else--

Number five was his name.

He was kind, sweet, and gentle.

And there was no way it didn't mean something.

His embrace and exciting song kept me warm--

Till my heart raced as his lay on mine,

And he told me it meant something to him.

A simple response to make me his finished our project.

The car arrived--

Us in the back seat,

Me with tears in my eyes.

It was cool but muggy.

Outside life flashed with neon and signs.

I wondered who knew,

Or who cared.

Our hands held tight

And my heart didn't succumb to the cry of tears--

No, not yet.

One last surrender to his sweetness,

And I let it go.

To not worry was too hard...

The night drowned all my remaining fears

And jovial I was,

Wanting to see his enamoring eyes once more.

To relive the third and fourth

As long as I could.

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