Don't Take My World

I met him one day

Didn't even know his name

Before I knew it

We were together

Nothing that could change

Suddenly the time flew by

What else could I do?

I held onto him tight

He held onto me too

But as he was pulled away

I prayed in my heart

And I said

"Take my best friends

Take my talent

Take everything I have

Take my fortune

Take my memories

I don't want them back

Take them for all they're worth

But please don't take my world."

As time went by

Things they changed

Our moments dwindled down

The time we spent all

Shot to hell

They tried to keep me

Away from him

My one and only love

They didn't understand what I might give up

Just to have one more chance

So I said

"Take my rights

Take my priviledges

Take me from your life

Kick me out

Abandon me

Don't let me have a life

Say what you want with your words

But please

Don't take my world."

It's the last day that we could be

Together anymore

We stood together

Arms around each other

Crying at the door

The rain poured down outside

He didn't want me to go

I squeezed him tightly

I kissed him one last time

And before I left I told him

"You are my love

You are my everything

You make me smile

I'll never forget you

I'll always remember us

And how we used to be

Anyone you meet tell them

Please don't take my world."

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