Every day

I wake up thinking

Someone will meet me

And tell me

It's a joke, it's a mistake,

He's okay.

I'm waiting to see him again.

Waiting for a Saturday,

A bright day

When all we do is scale the state from border to border.

I'm waiting so patiently

With hope that he'll show up.

That even once more

I can hug him

And tell him I love him.

Maybe I could call him

And tell him of the accomplishments in my life.

He would be so happy.

Maybe even I could ask him for advice,

When I need it most.

Once more

Maybe I could hear his voice

And tell him I'm sorry.

I could sit here


When I actually had that chance

Never took it

And I'll beat myself up for it.

Forever I'll be waiting

Hoping for one more chance.

Wanting to be there

Call him

Make sure he's okay.

I have my wishes,

But I'll always be waiting.

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