She Let Go

She put her hand on his chest

And said to him,

"I know there's a heart in here."

He looked down, then looked in her eyes.

He saw what she had just put her hand over.

It had broken in two.

At that moment he wanted to tell her he loved her,

But he knew he couldn't.

That would be a sign of weakness.

And she wouldn't believe him.

He watched her walk away.

His heart told him to say something.

Tell her!

But he was too weak.

She disappeared into darkness.

A car drove around, and he knew she was in there.

See her he couldn't.

At least he knew he was in her heart.

Or so he thought.

Later that night when she got home she looked in her mirror.

A picture of them was taped to it.

She took it off and stood there for a minute.

She stared in his bright eyes she held in her hand and screamed,

"Why didn't you ever understand?"

She dropped the picture and it fell to the floor

As she looked at herself in the mirror once more.

Her fist came up and punched the door,

Shattered glass fell to the floor.

Her cool clean skin dripped in bllood,

And it fell...

A solemn, lonely tear

From her eye.

A knock came at her door,

He stood in front of her.

He saw the glass on the floor,

The bllood on her arm,

And he knew it was time

To do her no harm.

Her tear he wiped away

As he prepared himself for what he had to say.

Just before he told her what he wanted her to know,

She said "I'm sorry I don't love you, I've already let you go."

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