Nothing At All

Look at me

Tell me what do you see

Do you see someone in front of you

Or do you only see me?

Who am I to you

Am I someone of vaule

Can you forget me right through?

Do I mean something

Am I anyone at all?

Are you willing to help me

Cause I'm about to fall

Don't you look at me like that

Don't you pretend I'm a this, a that, a nothing

Think back to what we had

Did you ever think we would last

Did you EVER care?

I'm here, I'm nothing...

You talk to them

As if I'm not around

My love is unbound, I'm unwound

From you

Won't you ever care

Do I need to meet you there

At your level

I'm not ready to fall for that

Am I just a toy,

Oh you better get with it boy

Cause you'll be sorry

When I'm gone

You know I didn't do anything

I haven't spoken a word

Haven't looked the wrong way

Go ahead and crucify me

At least I'll have my dignity

Because I'm innoc3nt

I'm here, I'm nothing...

Nothing at all to you.

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