Empty (You Walked Away)

It's so empty,

Lost broken and confused

Being here without you.

I know you are near,

Somewhere dear beneath this sunny sky,

But my heart is so lonely.

Losing you

Feeling you're forever gone

Doesn't help.

Sure their wish had come true,

However I break

And shatter.

A million pieces-

I'm nothing but a mirror with no reflection, no owner,

Simply nothing without you.

I say I'll be fine

As I hold back my tears

If only one last time.

With no reason to hurt,

No reason to cry,

No reason to be anything but me,

And still I wipe my eyes dry.

You're not gone

But you're not here.

The world crashed

And my eyes blurred.

An everlasting image of you walking--walking away from me--


Incessantly in my eyes.

Time froze

And I found myself standing with you at the end of thr world.

So cold, empty, lonely,

You jumped.

I couldn't be without you

So I jumped too.

At the bottom I never found you.


And no love,

No one to care for,

I jumped and should have stayed.

Either way,

Without you,

And that last image burned my blurry vision,

Scarred my mind,

You walked away--away from me.

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