It's Crazy

No matter what you do (it's crazy)

I'll be waiting for you.

No matter what you say (it's crazy)

I'll be waiting for you.

No matter how my heart breaks (it's crazy)

I'll be waiting for you...

Call me crazy,

Call me blind,

Call me insane

And out of my mind.

You don't need to know,

You don't need to understand,

You don't need to be at my side

And hold my hand.

Hearts are left broken

By words generally unspoken.

At least he can never say

I did never try

When all I do

Is sit and cry.

Call me crazy,

But the tears feel good,

At least it's for something

That could-have would-have been.

Your throat will bleed,

Your eyes will burn,

But when you don't win,

Take another turn.

It's your life!

It's your love!

Don't let it go.

Not again,

No not this time.

Don't let the patronizing words

Tear at your soul.

Forget your pride,

And take the ride.

Do what your heart says,

And go where it leads you.

No matter where you end up,

It hasn't steered you wrong.

It's crazy...

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