What I Asked God When Daddy Died

It had been 16 long years,

And 45 of his.

It had been his last breath,

And my last tear.

It had been his last heartbeat,

And when mine finally broke.

Awoken in the morning,

You receive the news.

Two days after you last laid eyes

On his bright, warm smile.

Don't believe it's real,

Live in a fantasy world.

You're afraid to reminisce,

Afraid to think of him.

The flood of tears don't stop,

But his life did.

I finally woke up.

Got the wake-up call I needed,

Not what I wanted.

I can remember,

A mere three days ago...

His smile,

His blue shirt,

His excitement, love, laughter...

And I think:

What about her Sweet Sixteen?

My graduation?




How could God do such a thing?

Why me?

Why now?

Why my daddy?

My guardian angel?

Couldn't I at least say goodbye...

If I had one more chance

I wouldn't let him leave.

I'd hug him and kiss him.

Tell him he's my daddy

And that I love him.

Please God, can you keep my daddy safe?

He'll be a good angel,

Because he was one here on Earth.

I wonder God, did he think about his daughters when he closed his eyes?

Does he miss us?

Can't we have just one more chance?

I know it was your time to spend with him,

But couldn't you have waited?

He was my daddy.

God, please tell daddy I love him.

Would you do that for me?

And please,

Send me an angel.

Keep me safe.

But most of all,

Make sure daddy is okay.

That's what I ask of you, God.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

12/27/05..My daddy died last night. It was a shock and I didn't want to believe it. But I know it's true. There's so much I still want to fulfill with him and smile and laugh about.
But there's no more time.

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