Figuring Out Me

I wanna figure out who I am,

I wanna figure out what to be.

But when I look in the mirror,

I only see me.

The problem with that is I don’t see myself,

I truly need to take my life off the shelf.

My figure was dusty and my heart made of stone,

I needed to clean it up and take my life out of drone.

Hair is a blur of brown and blond,

Eyes the icy arctic blue.

Skin’s still white, a bit pale, but it will have to do.

My hair’s tossed back in either lanes or waves,

My eyes rest on you in a dreamy gaze.

Figure lays still, not gaining nor losing.

Clothes the same color, shoes the same too,

Teeth can be white but not as bright as you.

In my heart, I feel my warmth,

The warmth others seem to not feel.

It burns like a fire when I look your way,

With the feelings I know just might have to stay.

I feel like my being I need to change,

But then he tells me I’m an extraordinary person,

And that I believe,

So nothing more may matter to me.

Around my friends, these two to be exact,

I feel so comfortable, so loved, so backed.

They hold my hands, they keep me up tall,

They are my life, my pure wonderwall.

One knocks them down, the other with comforting words,

Without them my life would be just a blur,

If it were anything at all.

So now that I see these people on TV,

And know they changed themselves for the better,

All my re-assurance comes back from those three,

And I know who I am, I know what I wanna be.

The person in the mirror is me.

With the brown-blonde blur,

The icy arctic blue,

The same color clothes, and the same color shoes.

I am unique in my own way,

And from the looks of it,

I am here to stay.

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