The Best of Me

You have no clue.

No clue how I feel

About you.

About us.

About how I want things

To be

What they were


I want to hold your hand,

To kiss you,

To hug you,

But this time I won’t let you go.

I want to hold you close to me,

And hear you tell me you love me.

I want to say I love you

And you can smile,

Because you know it’s true.

I want you to be mine,

I want to be yours.

It’s when you can tell me anything,

And I can do likewise.

It’s when we get us time,

And no one else is around.

It’s when I finally realize I truly

Miss you.

It’s when one tear falls,

And I decide.

I don’t know how you feel

But I want you

To know

I still love you.

That won’t change.

And to know what’s in my heart—

Only I do.

You’ll be the second to know

I want to try again.

I miss everything about you

Even if you’re walking next to me.

That’s when it’s the hardest of all.

When you finally

Got the best of me.

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