Without You

The other night,

Just the other night,

When things were okay,

We were just about right,

I had this vision.

I had this dream.

It was my life

And it seemed

It was my life



And him.

My eyes were red

As tears flowed down,

My arms were throbbing

And stained in brown.

I could not see

But an inch before my face

And all I wanted to do

Was to leave this place.

You had left me

And all I thought about

Was doing the same

To make you feel

The pain you put to my name.

I wanted to call you,

I wanted to be there,

But I knew I could not

When you were nowhere…

Nowhere to be found.

You had left.

Left me in the cold,

The dark,

Without a spark

To start my heart.

To give me love,

To give me strength,

To give me what I really needed—

Your friendship.

I destroyed my life

One step at a time

And I was afraid again

To walk that same line.

You held my hand

For years and years

You stopped the bleeding,

You stopped the tears.

Now you were gone,

What more could I do?

I wanted one more chance

To tell you I really loved you.

That you completed my life,

You made me whole,

You watched where I walked

And took me out of the mold.

We weren’t like any of them,

Oh no.

We were unique,

We were like gold.

A true trio at that,

Like the Three Musketeers,

Three peas in a pod,

But no more of that…

You had already seen God.

I wanted to go,

Really I did.

I didn’t want to live my life

Like just another kid.

Two best friends

Left her alone

Because they didn’t realize

What she had shown—


And only love,

Just for them.

A beautiful love,

As pure as a dove.

They let it all go

They felt it was best

Although they hadn’t realized

Staying made them blessed.

This night she sat,

Alone in her room,

As tears dropped from pupils,

Stained in red,

A long brown line

Trailing her bed.

Scared she was,

Without any love,

She wanted them here,

But had to look above.

“It’s not the same!” She cried to herself.

No one heard her,

But maybe a doll on her shelf.

She picked it up,

Saw it was from her,

She threw it to the ground,

Broke any memories of what were.

Her life was on stand-by,

No more to live out,

She knew what to do,

And did it without any doubt.

To their homes she went,

Her heart in her hands,

Ready or not,

She wanted to fix the bands.

A solemn tear fell as she knocked on her door,

Her best friend looked in her eyes,

And a tear fell to the floor.

No words were said,

But a hug was exchanged,

She whispered, “I love you,”

And everything changed.

They sat for hours,

Talking in mourning,

Their friendship they had lost,

But suddenly was born again.

The two made a pact,

But didn’t sign the deed,

They needed his love too,

To finish their lead.

Upon their journeys they found him,

Alone in the dark,

They ran to him and all did embrace,

At this time

They were ready to leave this place.

None were scared,

Only full of hope,

That someday they’d realize

What their friendship did mean

And what it felt like to belong to people that cared,

Didn’t leave you in the dark,

Just left you with time.

The time you did use to find yourself,

Dust off your heart,

Take it off the shelf.

When all is said and done,

You end up where you started--

Together again, back at one.

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