This Kiss is a Memory (I Love You)

I love when you kiss my cheek,

I love when you kiss my lips,

I love how sometimes you try to kiss me,

Even if you miss.

I love when you put your arms around me,

I love when you hold my hand,

I love the fact that no matter what

I can say that you're my man.

I love when you hold me close,

I love when you look in my eyes,

I love when you say to me

That your love will never die.


You put your arms around my waist

And pull me in closer to you.

I look down and you look at me.

Then I pick my head up and look in your eyes.

You barely move,

And you don't say a word.

I knew what you were thinking

And I knew how to make the moment a part of our history.

Instead you kissed me.

You parted your lips and let it go easy.

You were so sweet and so gentle.

It was just the way I remember it--

It felt like our first kiss all over again.

The sweet tenderness surrounded us

And I pulled you even closer to me.

I guess you didn't know what to say because no words escaped your soft lips.

I lightly kissed you this time,

And you embraced me.

I rested my head on your shoulder and you whispered something in my ear.

You were again being so gentle, so sweet.

My heart heard you...

"I love you."

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