And in a blink,

A black fog,

A misty setting,

He was gone.

My head started buzzing,

My ears rang,

Everything around me blurred,

And I couldn't see.

I heard her words,

Begging me to wake up,

But I had drifted.

From afar I saw them,

Not together

Because she was superficial,

It was a damn joke.

A hand touched my face,

I hadn't seen this in my nightmares,

I hadn't seen this in my dreams,

But it was happening.

Slowly I awoke.

He stood over me.

I shook,

And a chill shivered down my spine.

A warm smile became of his face,

He was happy.


To see me?

Was I hurt?

Am I okay?

Then he bent down and kissed my head.

I looked into his eyes when he stood up,

And gently rubbed my hand.

The sound--

That sound

Like water

Bubbling in my ears

And I shook again

You alright?

Her voice.

I turned to my left.

He was gone.

A misty setting,

A black fog,

And in a blink,


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