Fear the Night

The night always makes me regret what I felt that day.

My eyes and heart alike never fail to let tears drown them.

And I never sleep under a blanket of stars without thinking of him first.

How I love him.

How I miss him,

Even when he's near.

How I feel I'm letting us both down

By walking a different road.

I love him,

I love the sun in my sky.

But I also love the one that makes me live in the moment.

He makes me forget there's a sun

And helps me look at the stars.

Something inside tells me to leave that alone,

And I'm afraid not to.

I fear the night.

I fear the quiet.

I fear thought.

Because it makes me love him again

When I still do,

And always will,

But it makes it hurt.

The tears never fail.

They make me realize

We were meant to be.

I fear accepting that.

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