Lost in the Whirlpool of Love

He was mine, but I still cried.

We were fine, but still I lied.

No one approved,

Everyone disagreed.

I tried to change,

But still I deceived.

I tried to stop it,

But things took a turn.

I closed my eyes

But still felt it burn.

I was scared

So I grabbed his hand.

He let me go

Like he didn't understand...

I stood there

Or what felt like standing

As this world whirlpooled around me.

Colors spun by

And faces distorted.

Finally I trudged by

Thought I found him

But he and his rainbow

Spun by

Like I wasn't there.

She was at the same pace as I.

She held my arm

Looked in my eyes

And told me

Everything would be okay.

When she smiled I knew she was telling me the truth.

Suddenly I was taken aback

As he said

The feelings

Are still


But why not hold me?

Give me your heart

I gave you mine.

I can't take back a gift.

So it's forever his.

And no matter what



You are my gift.

It stings and bites

But in the smooth center

Is molten love

Seconds from escaping.

One day

I know

It will rush to me

And when I accept it

I know

I can clean it up

Throw it out

But it will forever be

The stain on me.

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