If All Else Fails

"If all else fails, you can look up at the sky, because it's the same one that shines above me

And if all else fails, you can close your eyes, and I'll be right beside you, I'll be right by your side..."

I often think the words I say to you

Don't capture the meaning,

They just don't get through.

Baby, you must understand me

Because you do know me so well.

So being mine means you're mine.

Being yours means I'm yours.

I just wish I always had the security of believing that.

I trust you.

And I love you.

With all that should come a true faithful relationship.

If you know that's what I expect then where is it?

Can't you hold me,

Kiss me,

Be comfortable with me?

I know you can!

I know you are!


Where is it?

I came into this with you with a smile and hope.

Please don't make me jealous.

Please don't do things with others that you won't do with me.


I'm not asking much.

But then again, I am.

I'm asking all of you,

All of my world.

Just hold me close

And don't ever let go.

Be all you are to me--

My nene, sunshine, baby, pumpkin,


And give me the time and chance to be the same.

But if all else fails,

Look at the sky and smile,

Because I love you,

And it's true.

I'll always be your good girl,

Waiting here for you.

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