My Hero Cried (But Couldn't Stand Up To Fear)

" was then that I realized that forever was in your eyes,

the moment I saw you cry..."

There's no way I'm going to apologize

Because I didn't do anything.

Now it's just a matter of what I'm letting go.

Who would I break off from my life?

Who isn't worth the pain...

The one time I'm ready to stand up to my fear,

To fix my side of the problem,

The other side becomes unstable.

I am where I am today

Because of him.

I am stronger,

I am weaker,

I'm vulnerable,

I'm safe.

I'm everything I didn't want to be,

And then some.

Granted, I'm shedding light where it best be left alone,

But this hurts too much.

How can I do so much for him

And risk my love,

My life,

My relationships...

But when it boils down to standing up

Just like I had,

He can't do it.

The one who gave me strength,

Taught me to be a stronger person,

And he himself cannot take his word.

I know heroes cry,

And everyone fears,

But can't he love the one that really needs it from him?

Sounds like I've been here before--

Time of day to everyone but me.

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