Two Weeks Ago (Maybe He's Right)

I won't say that everything that's happened I deserve.

Simply because I did nothing to deserve it.

Could he be right?

Maybe two weeks ago...

The game,

The hugs,

The skin-to-skin,

The late night, under the bleachers,

The question and the answer...

Maybe two weeks ago was a mistake.

Sure it hit me like a ton of bricks and in the heat of the moment

And living on past prayers

Made me accept his gift.

Or was he offering me a lesson?

Could it be the one I had not learned yet?

But that can't be right.

There must be a reason I keep receiving this invitation.

Maybe I'm supposed to alter my answer.

Why would I change it, though, if I can't change what my heart tells me?

My heart still has love written on it,

And my mind still has his picture on its wall.

The love and face and memories have been there for nearly two years.

And I have said it was wrong and a mistake and I didn't have the love,

But I lied.

That lying wasn't even for my benefit.

I wanted them to think I moved on.

Why should I care what they think?

He's the only one that matters.

And he took me,

Shook me,

And...placed me back down.


Not what I expected.

Maybe he is right.

Maybe two weeks ago was a mistake.

But two years ago wasn't.

Anything in its path must be

The real


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