If Only

If only

I could find the words

To express the hurt

Inside my soul right this moment

To just think

That it once was

And never is again

..a broken heart

Is all I have to show for it

But the words keep coming

I can't stop them

You keep talking

And I keep listening

..but all I can think about

Is why

Why this could happen to me

Because I have made my mistakes

I can't go anywhere

The days wear on in brutal upset and heartbreak

With the moon finally shining down on this little town

And me

Looking up

Hoping to God you are staring at a pitch black sky

Just like I

And maybe

For a split second

I crossed your mind

And you thought

"..I still love her.."

But no,

That was a dream

A dream that life destroyed

A time that won't come back

Because you write your life story with a pen

Not a pencil

And the mistakes you make

Will forever be there

When you cross them out

It doesn't change what you have done

It only leaves a mark

And everyone knows

How badly

You hurt


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