An Abundance of Nothing

I know people care,

But why doesn’t it show?

I know people love me,

But they’ve already let me go…

You expect that you can trust a friend.

Tell them anything and it’s bound to their heart.

Spending time and making memories,

It’s what they do best.

But sometimes they make me feel

I do too much.

And I feel that

Spending time is something

They can’t

And don’t want

To do.

The little things count.

A call here and there,

A note,

A surprise visit,

A treat—

Something so small can make a huge day better.

The tiniest ray of sunshine

Warms even an inch of your heart.

For them,

They don’t even let me know that anything I do does that.

I want to give up,

But I can’t.

And I don’t know how to solve this problem.

I always stay in the background

And if they need me,

I’ll always be here.

But they never come.

I wait…

And wait…

And wait…

Until I lose it.

When I finally cry in front of them,

Then they know

I’ll do anything

To get them to know

I’m still here.

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