He Did It For Her

They loved each other

So why did they go

They didn’t have to do what they did,

Lying down in the snow.

If only she knew

What he told everyone

He never told her

She was his number one.

He knew all too well

How she felt for him

He took it for granted,

His hope grew dim.

They both thought there was no more

Never again could they be together

The chains that bound them

Were rusting in the bad weather.

One day she took her fate in her hands

To her there was no more

The sound rattled all around

As the picture of them smiled at her from the door.

That December night

A heavy snow fell

The clock struck his time

Out with the church bell.

Their notes were identical

Their messages the same

They regretted their mistake

When they took aim.

Their story tragic

Their love relentless

Their hope faded more and more

When their lies they didn’t confess.

Now they’ll never know

What was deep inside their hearts

But even though they’re far away

They’re never far apart.

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