Walking into my grandmother’s kitchen was like walking into a cozy room that makes you feel at home.

The wooden spoon she never used that just sat on the counter brought a smile to my face.

My mom sat at the opposite counter sipping her coffee,

A newspaper resting delicately in her soft hands.

Suddenly a strong but enticing scent swept over me.

A swirl of sugar and cinnamon clouded the air,

Then sprinkled on the fresh, warm cookies that slept on the cooling rack.

It was a comforting day inside,

Watching the sun glisten and dance on the newly fallen snow gave me a sense of some sort of wonderful.

The mountains were sleeping still,

But blew a large breath that fluttered the snow around my grandmother’s cozy house.

A gentle hand rested on my shoulder as I peered out the window.

Then came the warm words of my grandma:

“Here sweetie, try one.”

There’s an emotion that takes you on a journey through an exciting day.

A soothing word here, a sweet snickerdoodle there;

This emotion is a cookie

Stuffed full of sugar and cinnamon,

With a side of comfort, care, and warmth.

This emotion is something we call family.

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