Majesty of Winter

The sun is shining on this winter’s day,

And in my arms I hold you close to me.

Snow is still falling all around this place,

Near to me I can feel your warm embrace.

The sky is white with flakes of snow from heav’n

The ground is covered in a coat of cold.

The trees sway in the icy winter breeze

And in your hands a ball of snow you hold.

I want to chase you in large fields of snow,

Sit by the fireplace and drink hot cocoa.

Sled down a white hill at way-too-fast speeds,

And enjoy December while we still can.

I love colorful lights at Christmastime,

And singing every Christmas song and rhyme.

I love the mistletoe and the green tree,

And watching old movies on the TV.

I love winter in all its majesty,

Sinking into the snow up to my knees.

The sun dances on the white snowy ground

And sprinkles love and laughter all around.

Winter is a beautiful place to go

So make sure you take someone that you love

To enjoy the gorgeous sights from above

And make snow angels wherever you go.

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