Wishing Tree

Whilst I stood among the wishing tree

As I thanked my God while on my knees

For everything he hath given me throughout the years

And all the times he wiped away my tears.

Then I knew he had answered my prayer

As I turned around and he stood there.

I said, “My God you are beautiful in every way

Thank you Lord for this gorgeous day.”

He smiled contently back at me

And stood me up from my bended knee.

He said, “My child it is my honor to give you this

Now I will grant you a solitary wish.

Think hard now, my child, but don’t think in lack.

For what I give to you you can’t give back.”

I searched in my heart for the words to say

And found my wish on this Thanksgiving Day.

“Give my family happiness and love

And let all their prayers rise above.

Give them strength to wake up to each new day

And show them the grace you have shown to me.”

A ray of sunshine scattered the land

And he moved close to me and held my hand.

Find his peace on bended knee

And say your prayers by the wishing tree.

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