Tears, Fears, Broken Hearts, and Memories (All For You)

The tears that are trying their hardest not to roll down my face are reminding me.

They're bringing back memories.

Every place I turned to look--

Every inch of that place reminded me of you.

Looking at your face brought back more feelings.

And when I saw what you had drawn...

By that time I knew what you wanted to tell me but couldn't.

A broken heart sat lonely on a chalkboard with your initial on one side of the cross and mine on the other.

I tried to talk to you but when you knelt on the ground and looked away from me I suddenly felt how you were feeling.

My heart raced, my veins pulsed, and my eyes filled with tears.

We always said 'my heart will go on' and called each other 'my baby you'...

We were entranced.

I guess we never knew we would hear our memories and want to cry.

I knelt down in front of you sitting and held your hands.

I told you it wasn't your fault and not a big deal.

You didn't look back at me but when I hugged you, your head rested on my shoulder.

With a kiss on your cheek I walked away.

I walked away hoping that wouldn't be the last time I saw you.

Three months is too long a wait.

Too long a wait to not see someone you love.

You don't believe anything I say.

You believe in our past.

As do I.

I would always imagine a better life for us.

Where we could have our differences but be happy.

No matter where you go, who you see, what you do, or who you love, it will not change the way I care for you.

Deep in my heart, below your picture and buried beneath your name, memories of you will always remain.

My goodbye started with a hug, grew with a kiss on your cheek, and died with a tear on mine.

I hope you enjoy your time.

I'll miss you.

I love you.

I care about you.

And you won't believe me.

But that's okay.

Knowing what I do about what's in your heart, I wouldn't believe me either.

Mind you this, however: whether you care for me, love me, or think about me...

I'll be always appreciative.

You should know I'll never stop caring, loving, and thinking.

And if only I could make up for our broken hearts, lost time, buckets of tears, and depressed feelings...

Believe me, I would.

With every beat of my heart,

I swear.

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