Candy Love

I want to walk up to you and take your hand.

You'll quietly follow me, knowing your heart can't resist.

We arrive through the warm, comfortable, sunny day.

Clouds parted and golden rays shone down on your soft, sandy hair and made stars dance and glisten in your hazel-brown eyes.

My grasp on your hand gently tightens and you wrap your arms around my waist.

Suddenly you stop walking and hold me close.

Your hands rested on my lower back and your eyes fixated softly on mine.

You smile a sweet smile and once I returned it, you knew the timing was perfect.

Our lips touched and released a calming, sweet, sugary feeling like candy skipped around on pink ice.

The mood between us could not have been better.

But there you go...

You made it better.

Lips parted and you said something.

I could not catch it.

A smell and feel and aurora of candy sweetness surrounded me.

Somehow I uttered something back.

When I saw the excited look on your face, I realized what had happened.

The sweet candy we had been inhaling was each other's love.

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