Giving and Not Receiving

You look me in the eyes and your lingering stare makes me believe I've been betrayed.

Waiting like I've done before.

And holding promises that you couldn't make.

My heart dropped and I heaved a heavy breath as the silence engulfed everything I stood against.

To anyone else it may not have been a problem

But to me it makes a difference that could change my future.

I'm sick of waiting but something tells me to hold on.

I've heard that so much in the past that it's become a worn-out record not worth listening to anymore.

I imagine how things were and how almost anything could happen without question.

Now the one time I feel like I could need you, you don't feel as strongly to take your time in your own hands.

The night will come later and I'll sleep heavy with a feeling I've done something wrong

But I'm not at fault.

If my wishing star came right now I'd wish all eternity be granted upon you and I

And that nothing come in between the precious time we deserve to have and share.

What more must I say?

If need be, admitting to loving you shall be my crime.

I'd do nearly anything for you.

Somehow it doesn't feel mutual.

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