What Would You Say If...

Was I not supposed to say anything?

When he called and wanted to talk to me, I had no idea what it could be about.

Calling back and him answering was nerve-racking.

He said something that diminished my dreams.

But at the same time, if he was serious, it was making a dream or 2 come true.

He had no idea that I still felt that way.

I was afraid to say yes because I didn't want anyone to find out.

Biting the bullet, I said most likely yes.

He hung up and I laid back thinking my answer could have been wrong.

I approached him this morning and asked him what was going on.

From his expression, I thought I said the wrong thing.

And if it is the truth, I'm worried.

For us.

Apparently he didn't want me to know.

Now that I do, I wish I hadn't called him back.

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