The Haunting Past (That You're Part Of)

I can't get rid of my past,

No matter how hard I try.

Because I sit here and

I can't stop the tears falling from my eyes.

I want to run from it because it keeps echoing its haunting voice,

But the problem is--it was all my choice.

I'm really sick of trying and I'm really sick of caring,

Although no matter what my heart I'll always be wearing.

I continually lose friends and I wonder if I'm doing something wrong,

But I see the truth and realize it's them.

They're the ones pushing, breaking, taking all the heart I have left.

Protecting them is what I do best,

But not when they don't care.

I've let them go and I really don't care,

Because in their cold, lonely hearts, their spirit is bare.

Stripped of love and left black,

With nothing more left to lack.

All is gone and not coming back,

They just aren't worth it.

I wasted my time and just noticed it,

So I clearly don't give a damn, not one bit.

As for me and my world,

Well that we need to work on.

From the looks of it, they'll be the last ones gone.

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