I Died Again

I see them, then I see him.

Immediately the words he said to me, the ones that further broke my heart, hit me straight-on.

My head spun,

My knees weakened,

My eyes went blurry...


I woke up to her words,

The words of my best friend.

I asked where he was.

He was no where to be found.

I screamed his name,

But no answer.

My eyes flooded with tears as she hushed me to rest.

This time when I closed my eyes, I didn't wake up.

In my eternal sleep I saw your face,

I heard your words...

But I did not feel your lips.

They were on her's.

I died again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2/11/05..I don't remember what this one is about but it doesn't seem like I was too happy.

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