Tu Estrella* Through Time

The want inside of me

It burns.

The flame I set

Did not burn out.

I feel and crawl to resort to old ways

But then I'd let her down.

I'd let him down.

I'd let me down.

What shows that I've been through

Is a rough, shiny glaze.

It's the last thing I want to see on myself when I wake up.

But wake up I haven't.

I thought I shouldn't love you,

I thought I shouldn't care.

I thought I shouldn't live my life wishing you were there.

However, I am and will.

There must be a reason to why my heart loves you.

Nothing can stop it.

But the burn to hear you speak to me in such fashions,

And look at me in the same eye--

The fire lights itself,

As if magic.

Like we're magic.

I had always thought we were meant to be

But I didn't think I'd see the answer in front of me.


You're my answer.

And just now I think of your feelings for him

And how you wish he'd appreciate you.

Thanks for knowing my story--

But when will you understand it?

You told me what I wanted to tell you.

Not about him, though.

Please--hear me out.

It's all for the better.

Creo en las estrellas.

They brought me to you.

So it's up to me to make you see las estrellas en mis ojos.

Just what they want you to see me as...

Tu estrella.

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