I'd done so much for you,

What I put myself through.

You did so much for me,

And now I truly see.

The light in your heart never faded,

It just turned off.

No one could see it, but I knew I can,

Because you opened to me, you gave me your hand.

I sacrificed for you, I really did.

And if you didn't think so, at least know I tried.

Giving up worlds for you.

I always said I'd just be your friend,

But now I see I may want more...again.

I didn't want to turn back!

I did.

I have.

I'd give up my world, all I hold dear.

To bring you the moon, the stars, love, and joy.

All you'd ever wanted.

Most of all, I'd just simply sacrifice.

Anything at all.

Run away and never turn back.

You're the only one that understands me.

I understand you.

If I got another shot, I'd prove to you,

I'd forever be the one, and forever be true.

My sacrifice.

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