We had a talk the other day.

You said it didn't help but hurt more.

We revealed so much to each other.

I even revealed a few tears.

My words were strong but soft as they hit you like hot wax.

Your words not only bit and tore but medicated.

The love you had for her you say you now have for me.

And by the sweet but lonesome look in your eyes I knew you were serious.

I knew the person you saw me as was tainted and seen behind a mask.

But stop to think that I offer my world.

No one has it.

Not many can get it.

I think of you and love you that strongly that I don't need to think twice before giving you me.

I told you I had changed.

It seemed as though you did and didn't believe me.

For when you left you said I was at square one--alone.

Those were rough times.

That mere week ago brought changes.

You confessed to wanting to fight for me, to be on my team.

Finally a cloud broke and sun beamed on me.

It didn't matter how late it was.

Because I knew you'd always mean it.

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