I Pray

I pray for hope of a better day

I pray for love to come my way

I pray his love will be it

I pray his love is will to fit

The puzzle pieces I hold in my hand

But they are not together without the strong love band

I pray that God can make you mine

I pray our love will be fine

In the past it all worked out

We held our heads high without a doubt

Now our worlds have come to an end

And all I need is your love my friend

You're so near, and I love you so much

All I want to feel is your sweet love touch

Deep inside, I know it's there

Up until now there hasn't been a tear

In the paper of our love

But now it sits here like a wounded dove

Tonight I sit and pray I will

To have the thrill I had with you

The love I once knew,

The love I still do.

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