Afraid To Cry (Them Both)

I love them both,

And I'm sure they know.

But as of right now,

I don't know where to go.

He showed some love I knew in the past,

He put his arms around me,

And I'm afraid it won't last.

He showed me fun and a great time,

He spun me around and around,

Thank God he didn't let me fall on the ground.

One I'm so much closer with,

The other I do know,

But he's my best friend,

The other was my foe.

They both held me close,

They both looked in my eyes,

And when I looked back,

I wanted to die.

For in there I knew,

Deep in their chests I held near to me,

They wanted to die too.

They argued and fought,

Who's girl I was,

Right in the middle--

There I was caught.

I can't make a decision,

I can't break a heart,

The only thing I could do is fall right apart.

But when I do, they have a choice,

The one who picks me up shall hear my voice.

The sweetness I portray to only ones I love,

Love in my heart like the coo of a dove.

They both hold me now,

Held together by hands,

Love could be there,

If someone doesn't break the bands.

My eyes lay still

As tears flow down,

I have nothing left to do

But sit here and frown.

I want to love them both

But I know I cannot,

I wish I knew just what to do.

I can't break a heart,

At most I can't break trust,

But I don't want a relationship laced in lust.

I sit for hours thinking of words to say,

When I pray for it to just be a good day.

When he comes to me and says "I love you."

I'll be afraid to cry,

I'll be afraid to move,

But for the most I'll be afraid to love.

Because my heart broke...

And so did his.

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