The feeling inside her had over-stayed its welcome.

The time she waited was overdue.

She could not wait any longer.

She decided it was time to give her a clue,

To do what she needed to do.

All she remembered was

The rocks in her arm,

The color of her hands,

The boisterious cheer

Of all of her fans.

She wasn't surprised at what she'd done,

Until she tried to ignore

The question in her heart--

What had she done it for?

She wasn't broken,

Barely bruised or scratched-up,

Only her lip was bleeding

And her arm was cut up.

Onto the gravel she pushed her

Only to her dismay

Of losing that fight

The one she didn't start that day.

That bitch had it coming,

She told all her friends.

But unfortunately this one

Wanted to tie up loose ends.

The next morning people questioned her

The moment she arrived

She said it didn't matter,

She just felt so alive.

This one approached her

Later at school

She begged for forgiveness,

Hoping things were cool.

She wasn't falling for that,

Although it was a shocker.

Instead she took out her anger

And punched her into the locker.

Her friends gathered around

And helped when it was needed.

In the end they felt much better

Cause that bitch was finally DEFEATED.

The moral to the story?

Don't trust that bitchy friend.

They'll take your man and your happiness,

But get the blloody nose in the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2/23/06..Written about how I really feel about my ex-bff.

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