All Hope Is Lost

Suddenly I look down at my hands.

Blood dripped from their cool, clean skin.

A cold chill came over me in an aurora and lingered on my lips.

He whispered to them but kept distance: “It’s not the way it used to be; all hope is lost.”

My heart fell out of my chest and in an instant I drifted into sleep as a soft mist of stars fell upon me.

When I awake, no one knew me,

But somehow I knew them.

They looked like the strong, brave soldiers of my past.

The ones who re-assured my dreams, confirmed my hope, and weakened my fears.

They lifted me up and I floated into the stars.

Then I found myself in his arms.

He looked into my icy blue eyes; he knew me.

But I realized I hadn’t known him any more than I did before.

While he was looking at me, it was so difficult looking back, for I knew his secret.

I knew what had happened.

I knew what I wasn’t supposed to.

And then I pulled my arms to meet my face; they were blood red.

I rested one hand over my chest and again, my heart dislodged its location.

I knew he grabbed me in a feeble attempt to keep me alive, but it didn’t work.

Because my heart knew his secret.

Therefore it could no longer live.

And I knew he wanted me there, but for no reason.

I knew he wanted a hand to hold, just not mine.

I knew he needed a spirit to hold his tight, but mine wasn’t able.

And because I knew all these secrets,

I knew…

All hope is lost.

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