Things took such a sharp turn for change I was sure we would crash.

Not yet at least.

I saw problems growing but they didn't blossom.

At first November gave me shocks and worries.

When the 23rd rolled in, I could declare it amazing to horrible in a split second.

Thanksgiving was horrible.

The few days following it slowly spelled disaster.

Finally we were hit.

December the first I took action and risked the rest of my future.

It seemed to have worked and failed in the same sentence.

She came to me almost crying and reverberated, "You better treasure that hug."

The last time I would ever touch him.

We talked and almost cried, ready to cause an explosive meltdown.

He knew.

She lied to me and betrayed what she held in her hands--me.

That night he ended it all: "it's over."


5:00 pm.

Looking around, I felt un-real.

That's when I lost it.

My eyes burned, throat swelled, and I almost regurgetated my stomach.

My door continues to stand.

I told her later what happened.

He had cried to me.

I cried to both of them.

And soon thereafter I found the meaning of "moving on."

That's just what I did.

I formed plans for myself and rid him of my air.

Not too many knew for a while.

When they found out, the tension in his heart built up and broke down.

That week was so much fun.

Great and a relief.

Then the day came.

At 12:07 am he became mine.

It was so perfect.

The next morning nearly all knew.

Yet again.

Even him.

I suppose that's what made him cr#ck.

Because a plan formulated and within 2 hours of it, I dropped the b#mb.

He thanked the one he trusted it with.

For now we dispursed.

We did kiss.

Maybe it was the plan.

Maybe not.

But I nearly lost him.

Now the melting pot has...

Turned off.

It's settled.

We are waiting for his answer.

That's where I am now.

He told me to wait.

Why should I?

But maybe it's worth my time.

If not...

Get away from me.

The drama continues...

And the transition is not done.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

12/15/04.. The transition from friends to nothing. In four penciled pages.

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