I'm sitting here thinking of how we're gonna make it through

Getting through every day without you

You broke our hearts and you walked away but today is the day we're gonna be okay

You hurt us more with each passing day

The sun went up and the sun came down

I can't believe we couldn't go to sleep without frowning

But now all that matters to me is you

I wanna spend every waking moment with you

You are my world, you are my best friend

And I'm not about to let that end

I've known you for more than eight years

I cannot let you bring me to tears

We stick by our sides, we get through the rain

We take it in stride, we get through the pain

I look in your eyes and I see your heart

The one I cannot believe was broken apart

How could someone do this to you from the start

I'm sick of the fighting, I'm sick of the fussing

All I wanna do is just stop all this cussing

Sit back and enjoy my life with you now

And go on in life without taking a bow

We're better off without him, Stacie, you know that

We're gonna stick together and not turn our heads back

We have each other now, that's all that matters

I love you and I won't let you fall

From now on you're the one I will call

To trust with my life and to hold me up tall

It's gonna be hard but we'll get through this

We deserve better and we will get it

Stay by my side and you don't have to worry

Because I love you girl and you're my world.

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