Unanswered Questions

Thoughts in School

How long I'll w a i t just to say


You look to me - "What's wrong?"

                    ...as if you didn't know.

                                                      I can't tell you.

                                    You'll think I'm pathetic.

        Without looking up at you - "Nothing."

                    I know how persistent you are.

                                    You will keep asking.

                             Or get mad at me.

                                               But for once,

                      I don't want

                                              to tell you.

          You ask again - "Tell me."

                                                  ~Why should I?

                                      I have one


                  Why don't you explain why you don't

                                            Love me?

        "..I would rather..rather not say.."

                     "Why not?"

                                         "You'll get mad at me."

             "No I won't."

                                "Well,...why don't you love me

the way I love you?"                              ...waiting for an answer...

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