Wake Me Up When The Year is Through

You know the old saying:

Don't get too close to someone because the moment you do they're taken from you.

That's the thing that's burning fear in my heart.

I don't know why.

Maybe he's right.

Maybe something is going to happen.

But I can't heed that warning quite yet.

It's ironic though how all of this is happening so fast.

Should I have felt something earlier?

Should I have thought before taking any action?

Should I have never met him?...

I cannot say yes to that.

He's in my life for a reason--I know he is.

Is it to love him?

Because I do.

Is it to care for him?

Because I do.

Is it to be there for him?

Because I am.

When he kissed my forehead today I knew something bad was going to happen.

That's my omen that nothing...or something isn't just right.

He tries to re-assure me that everything will be okay with that one kiss.

And I want to believe it!

But how can I believe something so mythical?

I can't...

I can't let myself flounder and pretend everything will be alright.

I've learned the hard way that every action has a reprocussion.

But two months is too long to wait.

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