Mass Confusion

I have so much I just need to get out.

So much that has happened in two weeks.

And as sad as it sounds, so much of it revolves around you.

Why the hell are you always persistently the first thing I think about?

It couldn't be someone else, could it?

It had to be me and you, you and me.

Great--and I'm the jealous one.

Jealousy is so unfair to me.

Controlling what I think, do, and say.


Me of all the people in this over-populated world.

I was stuck with you.

God decided to pin us together.

He decided to burn the un-dying question in my heart: "When will I ever find my true love?"

That's the un-dying question that decided to live prosperously within me.

Oh yes, but it had to be me.

Just wonderful.

You know, sometimes I stop to ask myself, but never you: why do you look at the eyes on their stomach?

Have you not seen there is a true blue set in my head?

You pinpoint on looks and activity alone.

When is personality, love, kindness, and caring going to be of question to you?

Wait--baby, I'm sorry.

I misjudged you.

You do look into personality.

But only when their face is appealing.

How could I ever think you were different?

That's right, you are.

You're not like any of them.

You're worse.

And that worse doesn't compliment your hypocritical attitude and outlook on life.

I always think you're the one to change for.

See their dream, be their dream.

Hop into the mold and you're done.

Unfortunately for you it doesn't work that way.

You wish everything in your favor and you get it.

Do you ever get it.

But, not without hurting at least one person in the process.

Did you ever stop to think that what you want is different from what you need, besides the fact that it's a hazard?

Apparently not.

Because you don't stop at the red light.

You stop at green.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9/21/04.. This is indeed the harshest, rudest, and meanest poem I have ever written. But the words aren't there for nothing. Read it deeply and you will soon figure out who I wrote it for.

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