It's Just Me

I guess if I want to change myself enough, I could.

It's becoming clear to me that some traits that are born in me are too much for some people to handle.

Maybe I care too much,

Maybe I'm too much of a nuisiance.

Maybe my mind is too grown up in some ways that it should still be 15, not 35.

Maybe I need to be needed too much, or maybe too little.

Whatever the case, the more I see it interfering with my loved one's communication with me, the more I notice something wrong.

All I'm trying to do is be a good person.

Do I want that too much?

Am I too over-the-top with it?

Am I making mistakes no one can erase or forget?

Am I doing things that can't be forgiven?

Am I too protective?

Do I want too much?

I can't help it...

I can't let him go.

It's just me...

What can I do?

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