Something's Missing

I sit here staring at the dark night sky,

Then I lay back and wonder why,

Why you're not here by my side,

Why you're not here with me tonight.

Not seeing your face something is wrong,

Something is wrong and it's hard to go on.

I miss you more with each passing day,

And my heart won't let you fade away...

Everytime I don't see you, I feel like something's missing.

Everytime you walk away, I feel like something's missing.

The fact that we've been through so much makes me want to hold on to you forever.

Time is my worst enemy...

It has kept us together which has been a mere wish,

But it has and will draw us apart.

Soon you may be leaving this place for something you are more comfortable with.

I'm sorry I couldn't help in making you happy.

I don't want you to leave.

Nothing will feel right.

Tears will flood my eyes as our song recites in the background.

I will stay up for hours thinking of you and what it will be like when I see you again.

I know it will be difficult.

Because for nearly 3 months something was missing.

The time we spent together was missing.

Our love and our friendship was missing.

But most of all, you were missing.

That's the biggest burden to live with...

Something's missing everytime you're not around.

That something was us.

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