Thanks for a "Happy Birthday"

This time, I truly thought I would be okay without you.

In the beginning, it seemed that way.

I was happy to just talk to you on the phone and not seeing you was okay because I thought you wanted to be "just friends".

And I believed it all.

But then you spend so much time with your other friends and not me.

Am I a replacement friend?

Am I only there when you need me?

Seems that way.

I tried to point a few of those points out to you and you claimed you didn't understand.

Now you got me thinking.

Should I keep on as I have been--a call a day, try to make plans?

Or ignore you, forget us, and see if you come crawling to me?

Tough one.

Oh and see if your phone goes ringing on your birthday and it's me calling.

I could doubt it.

Thanks for making my birthday "happy" too.

Appreciate it.

Thanks for the present.

Oh wait, what did you get me?...

For someone who wanted to stay friends you have one hell of a way of showing it.

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