Forever, and Longer

Once again, I gave you my heart.

And what did you do?

You broke it apart.

You said you tried to be nice, you tried to be gentle.

But you didn't try hard enough--

For me it wasn't easy.

The way you said it made me believe

That someway through our relationship, I was deceived.

I was disappointed when all your feelings came through,

Because all I could think about was memories of you.

I remember the days we used to sit and smile,

And think about the future without ever walking a mile.

But those days are gone, and pain has arisen.

So all I want is for that to be hidden.

Then I looked you in the eye and asked for a second chance.

It seemed as though I was asking you to dance.

You looked at me and said you needed time.

I figured you didn't mean it--I figured you'd decide.

For that it means your love was denied and it will only grow stronger.

And that's what mine will do--forever, and longer.

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