My Munchkin


What can I say to show my appreciation for you through words?

Not too much.

But when I search my heart, here's what I find.

We may have heard each other's names for 7 years but that doesn't mean we knew each other.

That was all changed this year.

You see, somehow you came into my life and altered it forever.

But in the best way possible.

You helped me see how to have fun, not to be afraid of anything, and follow my heart.

People do that for me but not in the way you did.

Everytime I see you, I forget about my problems and live for the time I spend with you.

Your smile makes me smile.

Your laugh makes me laugh.

Your personality over-all brings sunshine to my life.

Had someone ever taken you from me, I would feel the sun taken out of my sky.

That's why I spend so much time with you--you make me feel great.

I don't do it for nothing.

So in the end, what it comes down to is I will always be your JellyBean.

You will always be my Munchkin.

I love you Dana.

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