Asking the World of You

I love sitting by the window and watching the furious rain pour down outside.

Listening to the thunder and seeing the lightning is comforting--I know nothing can over-power great Mother Nature.

Maybe except you.

You tend to over-power so many people's hearts, including my own.

You have the biggest impact on me, you just wouldn't believe.

Every word you say means something.

Every breath you take means something.

Everytime you touch me, it means something.

There's your proof that you do mean something to me.

And you know it too.

Sometimes it seems like you care so much you're afraid to say the wrong thing or let me go from your arms.

Like when I sit with you and kiss you.

All you can say is 'I love you so much.'

I believe that because I know it's true.

Those are the times that mean the most to me.

But then sometimes it seems like you don't want to care.

Maybe it's not our faults.

Maybe someone else brought it upon you.

I know I did nothing wrong.

You make me feel like I did, though.

That's when I get those insecure, unsure feelings.

That's when I question our love.

That's when I question you.

That's when I question me.

Why I question myself is something I do not know.

Ask yourself that--you should know the answer; you make me do it.

Put that aside, though.

All I'm trying to do is ask for you back.

Just you, the way you are when I feel love.

When I feel you.

When I feel me.

When I feel us--together.

No pain, no hurt.

Just love.

I don't ask for the world.

But the again, I do.

You are my world.

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