Your True Love

Can you ever be so happy something happened that you cry because it's over?

You want that moment to live on in reality.

In your heart, you know it does.

And it does in his too.

More than you could imagine.

He will get home tonight, lay back on his bed, and smile.

Your face crosses his mind.

He recalls all that had occured the day of today when you were together.

His soft, tired eyes gently close.

He sees himself kissing, hugging, cuddling you, holding you close.

Suddenly a tear rolls down his cheek.

For he knows how much he loves you.

He knows how much you meant to him--you're his world, he can't lose you.

He knows how much being with you that day meant to him.

And he's struck with a feeling.

Your heart flew to his, and relayed the same affections he just had.

True love is equal love.

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