I didn't think this could ever happen.

How could a love so strong in the beginning become unbearable in the end?

How can it wither away, although not die?

I'm afraid to think.

I'm afraid to speak.

I'm afraid to act.

But if I don't, they'll know that I know.

They can't know that.

And everything that they think I don't know is scaring me.

I fear no love.

I fear lonliness.

I fear heartbreak.

I fear competition.

I fear arguements.

I fear crying.

I fear fear itself.

Most of all, I fear losing him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

6/8/04..This was written in response to something a friend told me and because of many different feelings I was having due to it. I would rather not say what it is. However, if you read the poem, you can probably pick up on it, though you have to think a little deeper than the words I provided you with.

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